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RTS Concreting are proud to offer a comprehensive range of concreting services to our clients.




We use a range of quality concrete materials. Because concreting is such a versatile material and its use extends across many methods and modes, we pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest trends and products available. This ensures we can offer our customers a comprehensive range of products and ideas to suit their needs. From plain to coloured concrete, exposed aggregate to decorative concrete concepts, we will not compromise on quality and only use reputable and reliable suppliers to avoid any delays or problems in getting the job done promptly and professionally.

Concrete Slabs


Concrete slabs continue to be the common choice in building foundations. They provide a stable base for buildings and are commonly used as flooring for outdoor areas, courtyards, patios and carports. Whether the job is big or small; we offer the complete process in providing our customers with concrete slabs. From site excavation to formwork, pouring to screeding, to leaving the perfect finish, we can provide you with a quality laid slab from start to finish. We advise customers to speak to their local council about building approvals and if it is needed for their concrete slab.

Driveways & Pathways


Your driveway is one of the first things visitors see when they arrive at your home. They complement your home and your landscape design, and can be the perfect finish to your property. We offer a range of driveway and pathway concepts, including plain concrete, exposed aggregate and coloured concrete. With so many options we are happy to discuss and assist you in the design of your new driveway or pathway.

Pool Surrounds & Outdoor living areas


Complement your pool or outdoor living area with a quality laid concrete concept. Concrete pool surrounds not only provide a beautiful finish to your pool area but also act as a non-slip foundation helping keep you safe around the pool. We offer a range of concrete pool surround options that aren't hard on the feet or on your wallet. And for outdoor living areas such as patios, courtyards and entertaining areas we are happy to assist you in selecting the best concrete solution for the area.

Shed Slabs


Get more out of your shed by laying a concrete slab. A concrete slab will add versatility and durability to the shed as well as make it more visually appealing. We provide concrete shed slabs to suit our client's specific requirements. We cater to the domestic, commercial and rural sectors and can tailor your slab to fit any shed, from small garden sheds to huge commercial sheds, hobby sheds to heavy-duty farm sheds or something to park the boat or ute in.  We are the Shed Slab Specialists.


*Please note; RTS Concreting supplies quality concrete shed slabs but do not supply or construct sheds. (But we can refer you to a suitable Shed Company).

No matter what your concrete needs may be, we are confident we have the product and service to assist you.

Our products include:


Plain concrete

Exposed aggregate concrete

Shed slabs

Shed floors

Commercial Sheds & Residential Sheds



Outdoor extensions




Outdoor entertaining areas

Pool surrounds



At RTS Concreting our aim is to provide our customers with innovative concreting concepts, top quality concrete products and exemplary customer service. We continue to stay ahead of the game by using quality materials and skilled techniques to ensure an immaculate finish on every job.

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